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Spigot 1.8.8
Spigot 1.8.8/1.12.2/15.2
MySQL, Java 8

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    Produkt Beschreibung

    The ranksystem with many fuctions for your bungee network. (Like PermissionsEX)!

    This plugin was developed for Minecraft version 1.8.8. It was tested with Minecraft version 1.8.8/1.12.2/15.2 on a Java 8 server. It should also work on the other Minecraft version.
    However, we do not give any guarantee!


    - Multi language (siehe Config)
    - High configurability: Set everything the way you want!
    - Easy to use: Very beginner friendly.
    - API for developer


    - /rank list - Shows all lists with all ranks.
    - /rank create <rank> - Creates a new rank.
    - /rank info <rank> - Shows all information about a rank.
    - /rank uinfo <name> - Displays the current rank of a player.
    - /rank set <name> <rank> - Gives a player a rank.
    - /rank <rank> permission list - Shows all permissions of a rank.
    - /rank <rank> inheritance list - Shows all inheritances of a rank.
    - /rank <rank> users list - Shows all users who have a certain rank.
    - /rank <rank> setcolor <colorcode> - Sets the color of a rank.
    - /rank <rank> setdefault <true/false> - Sets whether new players should be given the specified rank by default.
    - /rank <rank> setprefix <prefix> - Sets the prefix of a rank.
    - /rank <rank> setsortingid <id(1-60)> - Sets the sort ID of a rank (1-60 - 60 is at the top of the tab and 1 is at the bottom).
    - /rank <rank> inheritance add/remove <rank> - Creates or removes an inheritance.
    - /rank <rank> permission add/remove <rank> - Gives or removes a permission to a rank.
    - /rank settemprank <name> <rank> <dauer> - Gives a player a rank for a certain duration.


    1. Download the RankSystem.jar file and move it from the download folder to the plugins folder of your proxy server.
    2. Download the RankSystem-Spigot.jar file and move it from the download folder to the plugins folder of your spigot server.
    3. Now you can restart the server and it has created a folder with configs and the languages.
    4. Please enter the received licensekey in the config.yml and adjust all other settings (e.g. MySQL access data) to your server!
    5. Restart the server again and the plugin should be loaded successfully!
    Should an error occur, please contact the Support.


    License: LicensekeyThe licensekey you get after your purchase. Language: en-ENYour language for all messages. LanguageDir: ./plugins/RankSystem/languagesLanguage folder. MySQL: Your MySQL access data You can edit all messages in your "(en-EN).lang" file in the "languages" folder.


    For all commands you need the permission: "ranks.command.rank" or "ranks.*"!
    - /rank list - ranks.command.list
    - /rank create <rank> - ranks.command.create
    - /rank info <rank> - ranks.command.info
    - /rank uinfo <name> - ranks.command.uinfo
    - /rank set <name> <rank> - rank.command.set
    - /rank <rank> permission list - ranks.command.permission.manage
    - /rank <rank> inheritance list - ranks.command.inheritance.manage
    - /rank <rank> users list - ranks.command.userlist
    - /rank <rank> setcolor <colorcode> - ranks.command.setcolor
    - /rank <rank> setdefault <true/false> - ranks.command.setdefault
    - /rank <rank> setprefix <prefix> - ranks.command.setprefix
    - /rank <rank> setsortingid <id(1-60)> - ranks.command.setsoringid
    - /rank <rank> inheritance add/remove <rank> - ranks.command.inheritance.manage
    - /rank <rank> permission add/remove <permission> - ranks.command.permission.manage
    - /rank settemprank <name> <rank> <dauer> - ranks.command.settemprank

    General, everyone must have: rank.command.set
    All ranks assigned: ranks.command.set.*
    Only assign certain ranks: ranks.command.set.<rank>


    The jar must be included in your project as a dependency.

    For Bungeecord:

    BungeeRankAPI.getRankUser(UUID uuid); returns RankUser;
    BungeeRankAPI.getRankUser(ProxiedPlayer proxiedPlayer); returns RankUser;
    BungeeRankAPI.getRankUser(String username); returns RankUser;
    BungeeRankAPI.hasRank(UUID uuid, Rank rank); returns false or true;
    BungeeRankAPI.hasRank(ProxiedPlayer proxiedPlayer, Rank rank); returns false or true;

    For Spigot:

    SpigotRankAPI.getRankName(Player player, String defaultName); returns the name of rank;
    SpigotRankAPI.getRankName(Player player); returns the name of rank;
    Featured Developer
    4.4 von 5


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